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2014-10-21 04:29 pm

Death in the family

 Our 20 year old rescue cat, BooBoo, passed away quietly last night. We were expecting it. Age and thyroid failure took its toll. Somehow she managed to sneak outside. We found her today in her favorite bird hunting corner of the yard.

This never gets easier.
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2014-06-20 11:47 pm

oh the envy...

Style. Humor. Talent. And total crack fandom crossovers to die for... go visit  CoranKizerStone

Case in point... Secret Agent Calvin Hobbes and his arch nemesis, Dr. Robin.

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2014-06-17 03:49 pm

It's been awhile

Oddly enough I actually FELT like writing. nothing major. Some 800 words or so of an old old story I was sure would never see print. It wanted out so it is in progress. Let's hope it lasts.
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2014-04-25 08:11 pm
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Long Lost Snippets

In an effort to jump start something - anything - creative, I've taken to pouring through the archives. I found all sorts of little snippets - abandoned fest fills, half formed ideas, dialogue exercises - just STUFF.

WK/Black Butler xover )

Schuldig / Aya - dark prompt fill for a prompt thing )WK - Crawford/Schuldig high school AU written for crescentium )

WK - Schwarz Kapitel canon fic in limbo )


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2009-05-27 07:36 pm

just another journal

...for me to not update very often. Here's to the hope that something, somewhere will inspire me to create again. Haven't given up that hope yet. Wish me luck.